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Campus Network Use Regulation for National University of Kaohsiung

Campus Network Use Regulation for National University of Kaohsiung

Passed at the32nd Executive Council meeting on December 17, 2002

Amended at the 24th school council meeting on December 23, 2011

  1. In order to fully utilize function campus network (including student dormitory network, hereinafter referred to as the network) nurturing universal respect for the law, and provide standard for on-campus network users (including staff health, hereinafter referred to as Internet users) to promote education and learning regulation is formulated specifically based on "the Ministry of Education Campus Network Use".

  2. Internet users should respect intellectual property rights and avoid following actions that involve infringement of intellectual property rights:
  3. (1) Unauthorized use of the computer program.
    (2) Illegal downloading, copying works protected by copyright Law.
    (3) Uploading protected work onto open website without authorization of the copyright holder.
    (4) Reproduction of articles on BBS or other online forum despite the author explicitly stated otherwise.
    (5) Set up website for the public to download protected works.
    (6) Other acts may involve infringement of intellectual property rights.

  4. In order to prohibit the abuse of network systems, internet users must not carry out the following acts:
  5. (1) Spread computer viruses or interfere with or disrupt system performance of the program.
    (2) Unauthorized interception of message transmitted through network.
    (3) Unauthorized use of network resources, through decoding, theft or impersonation of others’ account and password or disclose the ID and password of others.
    (4) Use the account of others or lend the account of others to others.
    (5) Hide account or using a false account. However, authorized anonymous account is not included.
    (6) Spy on email or files of others.
    (7) Any misuse of network resources, including e-mail advertising, chain emails or useless information transmission, or to flood inboxes, plunder resources, to affect the normal operation systems in and out of the school.
    (8) Using methods such as e-mail, online conversation, electronic bulletin board (BBS) or methods with similar functions to spread fraud, defamation, insult, obscenity, harassment, illegal software or other messages with illegal transactions..
    (9) Use of network resources for non-teaching/research activities or for illegal activities.

  6. The University Library and Information Center will implement the content of the regulation, its management matters relating to the Internet is as follows:
  7. (1) Assist Internet users to establish self-regulation.
    (2) Appropriate segmentation and control of traffic flow of the network.
    (3) For violator of the regulation or people affecting the normal operation of the network will have their user rights to internet and devices suspended.
    (4) BBS and other sites should assign personnel responsible for management and maintenance. Administrator should delete the article or suspend its right for violation of network usage rules If the circumstance is serious, such as violation of school rules or the law, please report to the Office of Student Affairs and punishment will be issued in accordance with National Kaohsiung University student incentives and disincentives.
    (5) Other matters relating to the management of the campus network.

  8. Teaching and administrative units in the school should respect individual privacy, and not spy on user's personal information or having other privacy violations behavior. However, any of the following circumstances is not included:
  9. (1) For the maintaining or inspecting system security.
    (2) To obtain evidence or investigating misconduct when suspecting violation of school rules with logical reasons.
    (3) To cooperate with the investigation of the judiciary.
    (4) Other acts to comply with the law.

  10. Internet users that violate the regulation will be subject to the following punishment based on the circumstances of violation:
  11. (1) Terminate the use of network resources until reason for termination is eliminated.
    (2) Or accept punishment according to school rules.
    Network administrators who violate this regulation shall be punished more seriously. For violator of the foregoing two regulation should also bear the legal responsibility of civil law, criminal law, copyright law or other related law if they are deemed to have other illegal behaviors.

  12. If there is disagreement with the punishment for violator of the regulation, one should submit complaints or request through relevant procedure of the school.

  13. The measure is passed by the Executive Council, and is implemented after approval from the principal, any amendment is as shown.
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