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Dormitory network Management Measure of National University of Kaohsiung

Dormitory network Management Measure of National University of Kaohsiung

Passed by 25th Executive Council meeting on June 18, 2002

Amended by 44th Executive Council meeting on November 25, 2003

Amended by 24th Student Affairs meeting on December 23, 2011

Article 1

In order to play full of campus network features and carry on reasonable use of network resource to assure smooth traffic of data applied for academy circles via TANet, we prescribe the approach based on The User Rules of Campus Network as follows.

Article 2

Students who are dormitory residents and carrying with internet equipment (such as personal computers, notebook computers etc.), surely can access to dormitory Internet.

Article 3

For banning on the abuse of internet resources, dormitory residents may not act as follows:

  1. Disseminate virus or other programs that damage or interfere with system functionality intentionally.
  2. Extract message transferred via internet at will.
  3. Access in internet resources by code-breaking, embezzling, counterfeiting, or other illegal approaches without authorization.
  4. Lend account for the use of 3rd party without reason or disclose others’ accounts and passwords without reasons.
  5. Pry into someone’s e-mails or files.
  6. The following behavior may refer to improper Internet use: mail tons of junk mails, chain mails, or unwanted mails; intend to cause system-error through mailbox-jamming or resource-robbing.
  7. Disseminate unlawful messages by improper means-such as fraud, slander, insult, obsceneness, harassment, illegally software-trading and message-sending-through e-mail, online-chatting, BBS, and other similar ways.
  8. Use campus Internet to access to non-teaching& research-related field or illegal actions.
  9. Build websites for public to illegally-download copyright works.

Article 4

User must comply with the integrity principle while using Internet. Any breach of Article3 or infringement of benefits with evidence may be reported to the supervisor for sanction of right suspension. Offender at the first time shall cause his right to be suspended for one week to one month; twice may be one to two months. Information security event or severely interfere Internet communication with evidence may be sanctioned with right suspension until cause of act is removed.

Article 5

According to the Taiwan Academic Network Management Committee meeting (the 24th, 26th meetings), network traffic segmentation and control must be done to dormitory network. In order to keep the Internet traffic smooth, regulations regarding dormitory network traffic are as follows:

  1. User with a single day network traffic inflow or outflow of more than 4 Gigabytes or above will have the user right suspended immediately for three days.
  2. Any attempts to use IP or evade restrictions during suspension, will be reported to the director and given suspension of two months once found.

Article 6

Please apply to the Library and Information Center for troubleshooting if connection problem occurs and is found to be problem of the entire internet or nodes.

Article 7

The Library and Information Center is responsible for management and supervision of management and operation of dormitory network.

Article 8

Any issue not stated in this regulation is still governed by the regulation of Ministry of Education and other school rules.

Article 9

This regulation is passed by through the Executive Council meeting and the school council meeting; it is implemented after approval from the principal, the amendment is as shown

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