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Regulation regarding the use of BBS station in National University of Kaohsiung

Regulation regarding the use of BBS station in National University of Kaohsiung

Passed by 2th Executive Council of the Republic on May 23, 2001

Amended on at school council meeting on December 23, 2011

  1. BBS (Bulletin Board System) has various functions such as messaging, online chat, questions and answer and exchange of experience, covering information from the campus information to administrative matters to academic activities and even including lifestyle information It is one of the favorites of school students and is very popular in Taiwan academic web. As a result, in order to ensure that the quality of BBS information is not subjected to abuse, the following regulations regarding the management and use of BBS station are formulated.

  2. Establishment of all forums and moderators must be registered by the BBS station administrator.

  3. Names of forums and discussion topics must be defined clearly such that user can select the appropriate forum.

  4. BBS station administrators and relevant moderator shall practice their own discernment to publish articles ensuring that the user actually participate in the topic of discussion on the forum, and delete inappropriate articles when necessary and explain the reason when timing is appropriate. When the user register at BBS stations, he/she must provide the real name, address and e-mail address.

  5. Users may not use the account of other people, and only registered users can post articles. All users must be responsible for every article they posted.

  6. Users should not use BBS transmit or leave threatening, obscene, offensive information and articles.

  7. Users should not use BBS to transmit information that consume a lot of bandwidth and storage space.

  8. Users should not use BBS as interfere with or disrupt the hardware and software systems of other users. For example spread of computer viruses, unauthorized attempts to invade a computer system or other similar circumstances are all within the scope of the ban.

  9. Users should avoid discussing private matters in public forum. In addition, please respect the right and privacy of others when you publish an article.

  10. When the statements or works published by user are alleged to have infringement of the rights and interests of others shall be liable for civil responsibility.

  11. If users violate the above terms, BBS station administrators have the right to terminate the rights of user to publish article on BBS station until the reason for termination has been eliminated.

  12. If any issue not stated in this regulation, it is still governed by the regulation of Ministry of Education and other school rules.

  13. This regulation is passed by through the Executive Council meeting and the school council meeting; it is implemented after approval from the principal, the amendment is as shown.
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