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Director's Office

Director Prof. Han-Wei Hsiao


Overseer of LIC services and affairs

Contact: 07-5919120 ext. 8700    E-Mail: hanwei@nuk.edu.tw


Secretary Ms.  MsmChu, Han-Lin

‧Document processing
‧Holds and coordinates meetings, and logs, verifies, tracks the results
‧Compiles and reports projects, proposals, and all other businesses event
‧Coordination and contact in between sections or units
‧LIC Budget compilation and management
‧Keeps important resolutions and proposals under close watch and management
‧Human resources recruitment and how to apply them to the work force
‧Compiles and processes LIC’s part-time student work hours
‧Arranges the Curator’s schedules, and organizes business trips and absences
‧Receives and sends documents
‧Collection and maintenance of old exam papers
‧Resources handbook and user manual editor
‧All other related matters

Contact: 07-5919123 ext. 8701     E-Mail: hanney@nuk.edu.tw


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