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Collections Maintenance Section

Acting Section Chief  Ms. FU, Ming-Yi

‧Comprehensive management of collections maintenance services
‧Professor appointed reference books inquiries and processes
‧Establishes inter-library collaborations, and designs inter-library cards
‧Newspapers collection, registration, cataloguing and management
‧Data search area management
‧Reference books area, reading area, maps area, booklet area, teachers’ published books area, dissertations area management
‧New arrivals display services
‧LIC indexing systems management
‧Automated systems management and maintenance
‧Statistical analysis of various services
‧Respond to reader feedback
‧Reading area hardware management
‧Sets up and amends collections maintenance section policies
‧Guided tours of the LIC
‧Promotional events planner and organizer
‧All other related matters

Contact: 07-5919122 ext. 8720      E-Mail: myfu0626@nuk.edu.tw

Officer Mr. KUO, Ching-Lih

‧Responsible for book loans, returns, recalls, renewals, overdues, losses, and penalties
‧Book security systems management
‧LIC access controls system management, and user information archiving and maintenance
‧Self-serve check-out system management and maintenance
‧Automated reader file establishment and maintenance
‧Integration and maintenance of heterogeneous systems
‧Book storage management, and book repairs
‧Photocopying services
‧Monitoring and alarm systems management
‧Handles overdue fees, book loss compensations, copying fees
‧Manages and processes the section’s part-time student and volunteer work hours
‧Handles staff and faculty leaving procedures
‧Handles library entry procedures for non-school members
‧First floor Study Center management
‧All other related matters

Contact: 07-5919121 ext. 8721     E-Mail: kai0531@nuk.edu.tw

Administrative Assistant Ms. ZHENG, Shi Hua

‧A/V materials collections and circulation
‧A/V equipment purchases and maintenance
‧A/V Center services and management
‧Manages and processes the center’s part-time student work hours
‧Dissertation system management and maintenance
‧Language learning system management and maintenance
‧Collections system management and maintenance
‧Inter-library collaboration matters
‧Kaohsiung intercollegiate loans and returns services
‧All other related matters

Contact: 07-5919746 ext. 8747     E-Mail: shirleycheng@nuk.edu.tw


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