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NUK LIC Group Viewing Auditorium Usage Agreement

NUK LIC Group Viewing Auditorium Usage Agreement

Passed by the 49th Administrative Meeting on April 20, 2004

Passed by the 51st Directors Meeting on January 6, 2009

Revised by the 2nd Library Committee Meeting on May 15, 2012

Revised by the 1st Library Committee Meeting on December 17, 2014

Revised by the 144th Administrative Meeting on April 10, 2015


1. Eligibility is as follows:

1.1 Multifunctional auditorium: The school faculty and students can apply with necessary documentation/certificates at the service counter in the area for teaching needs or school activities approved by the school. The number of users should be eleven or more, but less than forty.

1.2 Small group auditorium: Limited to the use of school students and staff, but the number must be five or more but less than fifteen. Applicant should apply for loan at the service counter in the area with necessary documentation/certificate.

1.3 Use audio-visual materials of NUK LIC Audiovisual Appreciation Area.

2. Application procedure is as follows:

2.1 On -site registration: The borrower may register for loan at service counter with necessary documentation/certificate. The period of use is three hours, if nobody booked the venue, usage time can be extended based on the length of audio-visual materials. The same applicant cannot renew loan on the same day.

2.2 Reservation: The borrower may register for loan at service counter with necessary documentation/certificate after completing the application form. A borrower can make reservation for use within seven days, each use time is three hours and every person can borrow a maximum of twice per week. If more than one applicant book the same period, the user will be decided based on the time when application form is received or through negotiation.

3. Regulations regarding reporting for reserved appointments or cancellation of reservation are as follows:

3.1 Reporting for reserved appointments: Borrower is required to report to the service counter in the area with necessary documentation/certificate fifteen minutes before the start of the reservation to obtain power supply IC card. Late reporter may not object if others borrow the venue.

3.2 Cancellation of reservation: If borrower is unable to use the venue at the scheduled timing for some reason, he/she should notify the service counter in the area two days before the reserved date to cancel the booking. If one failed to turned up and did not cancel reservation for more than twice (including twice) within a semester, user rights for that semester will be terminated.

3.3 If the area has some necessary or other involuntary reasons, it should notify the borrower to cancel the reservation.

4. Operating hours: Same as the service time for audiovisual viewing area.

5. Return: Please return all software and hardware of the venue to their original state and proceed to the service counter for return procedure after use. If one fails to complete the return procedure, the borrower liable for compensation of all losses or damages to the equipment…etc from the loan period.

6. Please notice as following:

6.1 Please ensure silence and cleanliness of the area. Smoking, eating, drinking, making noise or performing other misconduct affecting the peacefulness of library will result in termination of user rights.

6.2 Before the use of any information, one should read the instruction material or ask the librarian for guidance. Please be careful when operating the equipment, one is held responsible for any damage or loss.

6.3 If one Equipment should be read before using the machine operating instructions or ask the librarian to guide the use of this area, and be careful, if damaged or lost, liable.

6.4 All damage will require compensation according to the " NUK LIC Audiovisual Appreciation Area Services & Management Highlights ".

6.5 In order to protect the rights of teachers and students, the auditorium cannot be used as classrooms and arranged long-term borrowing. If one has any special need, please file an application and seek approval from the director.

6.6 The auditorium is mainly used to watch the audio-visual materials collection of the area, if the borrower wish to view self-prepared audio-visual materials, they should be informed the service counter in the area in advance and comply with the relevant regulation of intellectual property rights.  Borrower shall bear the full legal responsibility for violation of such regulations.

7. The agreement is passed by library committee meetings, and shall be promulgated after it is sanctioned by the president. The same will apply in the case of amendments and revisions.


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